Mold spores are everywhere inside your house and outdoors. Mold is a fungus and the best place for mold is a moist places. Mold is spread by spore emission and its microscopic mold particles are one cell in size. For people with allergens this is a really big problem. Darkened areas – the first places where we need to look for mold growth. By eliminating leaks in your home, you can eliminate the potential for mold grows. This could be a leak in your roof, in your plumbing system and also in your kitchen and bathroom should not accumulate moisture. You can usually see or smell a mold problem.

Mold looks like dark colored mucous spots that increase in size. A musty smell is the first sign of a problem. Mold grows wherever there is enough moisture. After seeing the wallpaper, walls and places behind the cabinets you can find places affected by mold.

The seal on the refrigerator door;

Surfaces on and around air conditioners;

Bathrooms; especially shower stalls, bathroom tiles, and shower curtains;

Window moldings

All above places must be carefully cleaned as they are susceptible to mold growth. Our company will install a clean room filtration system for you that will remove all mold spores from your home.

How to have a deal with mold

Mold can be found in any place, especially in houses that were built long ago. To increase the area affected by mold, you need only a little water, which is constantly collected in the same place. Even insignificant humidity can lead to the origin of this fungus. Places near the kitchen and bathrooms are places where black mold can grow; because black mold grows only where there is water. Showers, ceiling tiles or walls with flowing pipes between them are the primary places for black mold. The dark black color indicates that mold can potentially reach a dangerous level of toxicity if people are exposed again.

 The best way to prevent mold from occurring is to keep these areas dry and ventilated, which is important for slowing the growth of mold in the future.

 If you are worried about mold in your home, but its growth is not visually noticeable in your home, consider testing. Our testing will easily determine if mold grows in your home.

 We will help you understand this problem so that you can be calm knowing that your family in safe. Once you call to our company, we will start to locate the mold. After that, we will stop whatever is causing the development of the mold. We will also make conditions unfit for further mold growth so you can be rid of the mold in one go. After that we will clean up the mold and treat the whole area with sanitary techniques. Finally, we will help restore your home to the way it was. If you see any mold affecting your home, do not hesitate or wait, and deal with it quickly and swiftly by calling our mold remediation company as soon as possible.

How does the mold removal process work?

Do you suspect that mold has already appeared in your home? Do not wait anymore; call a specialist to remediate this fungus. Black mold is a terrible problem for any family, especially if you have small children, because black mold can harm the health of any person. Every day the area affected by mold grows, what can lead to high costs for its remediation in future. The first thing we need to do is to remove the moisture source. If water leaks or persistent condensation are not alleviated, the mold will reappear after removal. Our innovative mold remediation process directly effects on the source of the problem. We want you to live and work in a clean house without harming your health and the health of your loved people – that’s our goal. The most important thing in every people life is health. We will quickly identify all the moldy areas and the source of the problem. After that we will make a plan to remediate the mold. All affected areas are carefully closed to prevent possible spread of mold to the remaining areas of the house. Although we will use HEPA filters to clean the air from spores of mold and other particles, our specialist undertakes to work in a mask and protective suit. To prevent mold from returning to your home, you must remove the damaged materials. Your home will no longer face a similar problem in future, since we are considering a certain strategy of the possible further occurrence of mold in your home. Clean, mold-free materials will replace what was previously contaminated. After remediation, we will search for any signs of recurrent water damage, moldy odors or visible mold to ensure that cleanup has been complete.

What is Mold? Why is it detrimental to your health and home?

Is there an excessive amount of mold present in your house? Is your property generating that distinct, unpleasant smell? If that is the case, you should call us immediately. Molds can have a significant impact on our health and it is vital to get rid of. For your property and your health, Healthy Mold Removal is here to assist in your m Be aware! Water damage can cause detrimental damage to your property. If left untreated molds can infest your home, causing severe damage to the home’s integrity. If you come across mold, our experts are ready and waiting to help restore your home back to its original beauty! We start by doing indoor environmental inspection followed by a complete restoration plan for your home. We guarantee quick, professional results! It’ll be like we were never there.

When it comes to eliminating and remedying mold, it is always best to hire mold removal and rehabilitation specialists. The following steps are a guide for mold removal and the rehabilitation process:

Before removing the mold, the room should be sealed to contain the mold spores to ensure it does not spread to the rest of the house. To seal the affected room, we use special plastic sheets with adhesive tape to cover doors, vents and other openings.

It is also necessary to minimize dust, as mold spores often spread to your home by attaching to the dust that permeates throughout the home.

It is also necessary to use negative pressure in the room we are cleaning. This process starts with an exhaust fan that pulls out through a window, or if necessary, through a partially open door that blows air out of the house. Doing this, the mold spores that are removed during the elimination process, should end up outside. Finally, before we start cleaning, we also turn off all air conditioners and heaters in the house to ensure nothing else can spread.  

Mold spores can also spread during cleaning and removal. To mitigate this, we moisten any dry mold because dry mold can launch a flurry of harmful spores in the air.

After this, a solution is used to clean and remove mold from the surface. Specific solutions are determined by the type of surface.

Next, we use a solution that kills mold, cleans the surfaces that had and did not have mold. Since even un-moldy surfaces in the room still have a certain number of spores. If not properly cleaned, these mold spores can grow later if moisture builds up in the room again. Killing them is the only way to prevent this. We have over 15 years’ experience in the industry and can be trusted to provide you with the best service possible.  Our owner is professionally certified to handle any job, large or small; we are standing by ready to help your home be restored to its glory.

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